ACOSTA DANZA – 100% CUBAN – Theatre Royal Plymouth

4 March 2022


Founded in 2015 by the celebrated dancer and choreographer, Carlos Acosta, Acosta Danza was established to bring young dancers from Cuba to the fore and offer them opportunities to dance on the world stage. Dance Consortium are to be praised for bringing yet another amazing company to Plymouth and other UK regional theatres. 

With five pieces on offer in their show, 100% Cuban, each of the dancers performing are indeed from Cuba and the content of each dance brings out elements of the country itself.

LIBERTO by Raul Reinso is a challenging but dynamic duo illustrating themes of slavery, freedom, faith and love. Zeleidy Crespo and Mario Sergio Elias work individually and harmoniously in this powerful opener. The African roots of the story are emphasised by the soundtrack of drumming. Physically exacting and powerful.

HYBRID by Norge Cedeno also offers an Afro-Cuban flavour but is rather more challenging to interpret. Inspired by the myth of Sisyphus, the setting is somewhat futuristic with the dancers donning military-style attire. The dancers work against a backdrop of exquisite lighting and insistent music to create a different world.

PAYSAGE, SOUDAIN, LA NUIT by Pontus Lidberg has a different flavour. Set in a countryside, a field of grass or wheat as a backdrop, this is more upbeat that the opening duo of pieces. Celebratory, youthful. There are hints of Jerome Robbins in the choreography at times, with more balletic elements. The music shifts to be more Cuban, more rumba.

IMPRONTA by Maria Rovira is a solo piece featuring the statuesque Zeleidy Crespo whose wonderfully flexible and expressive body captivates everyone. In a striking blue dress the dance has an improvised feel but is a clever combination of traditional and modern dance, with more than a nod to flamenco.

DE PUNTA A CABO by Alexis Fernandez (Maca) and Yaday Ponce is the final and, indeed, the highlight of the evening. Set against an ever changing, wonderfully created, video of Havana Harbour, a group of young people meet for a long night of celebration and fun. It is lively, acrobatic and full of Cuban vibes – trumpets and drums feature heavily in a splendidly rhythmic accompaniment. As the party comes to an end the group remove their casual clothing – pumps, shorts, beachwear – down to flesh-toned underwear as the curtain falls. Exquisite and invigorating.

Five very contrasting pieces of work, some of which excite more than others, but overall one cannot but admire the sheer energy and level of skill of this company, the invention of the choreography and the beautiful staging of the performances; throughout the lighting played a very important part. 

Acosta Danza is still a new company and brings with it enormous promise, vitality and a desire to see it develop further and the excitement and inspiration that it can deliver. Beguiling.


LIBERTO by Raúl ReinosoDancers – Zeleidy Crespo / Mario Sergio Elías

Music – Pepe Gavilondo

Lighting – Yaron Abulafia

Costume – Alisa Pelaez

HYBRID by Norge Cedeno 

Dancers – Yasser Domínguez / Laura Rodríguez/Alejandro Silva / Penélope Morejón

Raúl Reinoso / Arelys Hernández/Marco Palomino / Liliana Menéndez/Chay Torres /

Patricia Torres

Music – Jenny Pena and Randy Araujo

Lighting and Set – Yaron Abulafia

Costume – Celia Ledon

Dancers – Yasser Domínguez / Laura Rodríguez/ Raúl Reinoso / Liliana Menéndez

Alejandro Silva / Patricia Torres/ Enrique Corrales / Penélope Morejón

Marco Palomino / Mario Sergio Elías /Chay Torres

Music – Leo Brouwer and Stefan Levin

Lighting – Patrik Bogardh

Costume – Karen Young

IMPRONTA by Maria Rovira
Dancer – Zeleidy Crespo

Music – Pepe Gavilondo

Lighting – Pedro Benitez

DE PUNTA A CABO by Alexis Fernandez (Maca)Dancers – Alejandro Silva, Amisaday Naara, Arelys Hernández, Chay Torres, Enrique Corrales, Laura Rodríguez, Liliana Menéndez, Marco Palomino, Mario Sergio Elías, Patricia Torres, Penélope Morejón, Raúl Reinoso, Yasser Domínguez, Zeleidy Crespo

Music – Kumar, Kike Wolf from Beautiful Cuban by Jose White and Omar Sosa

Lighting – Yaron Abulafia

Costume – Vladimir Cuenca

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