A CLOCKWORK ORANGE by Anthony Burgess


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A CLOCKWORK ORANGE by Anthony Burgess


Anthony Burgess’s stage play of his infamous cult novel and film of the same name. Alex and his vicious teenage gang revel in horrific violence, mugging and gang rape. Alex also revels in the music of Beethoven. The Gang communicates in a language which is as complicated as their actions. When a drug-fuelled night of fun ends in murder, Alex is finally busted and banged up. He is given a choice – be brainwashed into good citizenship and set free, or face a lifetime inside. Anthony Burgess’s play with music, based on his own provocative 1962 novella of the same name, was first published in 1987. A Clockwork Orange was made into a film classic by Stanley Kubrick in 1971 and was dramatized by the RSC in 1990.

A play with music – musical notation included in the script.

Published by Methuen in 2012

92 pages

Excellent condition

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