AFTER MY FASHION by Diana Morgan


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AFTER MY FASHION by Diana Morgan


Twenty years ago Christian Starcross led an expedition to Tibet – he and his five companions perished. The heroism of the men and Christian in particular has been promoted for years. A film company approaches Christian’s widow Lady Starcross – they wish to make a film about the expedition. The four widows and the fiancee of the fifth – Sybil – meet at Starcross Hall to discuss the matter. Sybil is against a film being made. She confronts Lady Starcross telling her that she was Christian’s lover and that she knew about the fraudulent things Christian had done for self promotion. Lady Starcross reads from Christian’s last letter. He confesses his wrong doings and that he had never loved Sybil. The film’s script writer and producer learn about all this. Both have hero worshipped Christian all their lives. The scriptwriter wants to cancel the film – but the producer thinks it should go ahead as an heroic tale and be an inspiration to all. Lady Starcross and her companion know that the last letter was addressed to Sybil and it was not Sybil he said that he did not love.

Published by Samuel French in 1953

64 pages

Condition; name on title page and some annotations throughout. Text fully readable and book intact.

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