BLACK HARVEST by Ann Pilling, adapted by Nigel Gray


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BLACK HARVEST by Ann Pilling, adapted by Nigel Gray


Colin and Prill were looking forward to their summer holiday in Ireland, but almost from the moment they arrive, things start to go horribly wrong. Whilst Colin is plagued by a terrible smell, rising from the land as if from the land of the dead, Prill is visited by a strange creature creeping into her dreams.
Who is she, and what does she want? Only cousin Oliver seems untouched by the danger. As the hot summer days continue, their terror mounts and their baby sister becomes critically ill. Oliver links the present horror with the terrible famine in Ireland of the 1840s – and he must bring about a reconciliation to save himself and his cousins. An atmospheric play which gradually builds the tension and will have the audience on the edge of their seats…

The book contains a haunting playscript suitable for classwork and school production, accompanied by resources including background material and lively activities.

Published by Collins

96 pages

Condition; very good

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