HEAVEN ON EARTH by Philip Johnson


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HEAVEN ON EARTH by Philip Johnson


Jill Hubbard is thinking of running away with Adrian Illidge, a young man who believes in freedom and liberty, and who holds strange views on the subject of marriage ties. Instead of rating her as expected, Mr and Mrs Hubbard show sympathy with Jill, and go so far as to praise the very outspoken Adrian. It appears that they themselves are heartily sick of the everlasting make-believe of being the happy couple, and desire to be free to go to their respective lovers. Jill sees her world falling about her, and, in the misery of despair, hastily dispatches, the astonished Adrian. Of course, the parents have only acted in this way as a means of dissuading Jill from going off with the young man, and things are all put right in the end.

Published by Samuel French

36 pages

Condition; a little tired and markings throughout but text fully readable and copy intact.

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