INSIDE TRADING by Malcolm Bradbury


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INSIDE TRADING by Malcolm Bradbury


The only full-length stage play by the acclaimed novelist and critic Malcolm Bradbury. Set in Battenberg’s, an ancient London merchant bank with a proud tradition and a suspect past, Inside Trading centres on a rogue trader whose ambitions for his own survival draw in government, European funding and widespread millennial fantasies. Inside Trading is based on a German satire of 1933 by Paul Vulpius. Bradbury, drawing on the climate of City trading in the nineties, has moved the play to an age of the dream-filled and scheme-saturated millennium, the age of the big deal and the rogue trader. The result is a satirical comedy in the spirit of Bradbury’s prose work.

Published by Methuen

84 pages

Condition; a couple of slightly torn pages, not part of the script itself. Otherwise in good clean condition

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