IT’S AUTUMN NOW by Philip Johnson


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IT’S AUTUMN NOW by Philip Johnson


Elliston Drury and his wife, seedy and ageing professionals, are at the finish of a disastrous week. To them enter Mr and Mrs Pomfrey, pompous and outraged relatives of a stage-struck lady. They offer to pay Drury to repulse her, belittling his Art the while: he, stung by their insults, refuses the money but agrees to do his part. The lady duly arrives. Drury stages a superb drunk scene and she leaves in disgust. They then learn that this was another woman – one who always helps theatrical companies with money in their necessity. Horror possesses them and they tell their landlady to dismiss Miss Pomfrey with contumely when she arrives. The play ends with Drury’s wife giving him the comfort he so bitterly needs. A one-act comedy for 4f and 2m

Published by Samuel French in 1938

40 pages

This vintage edition has some pencil markings throughout – the text is fully readable.

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