SCRAPS by Gertrude Jennings


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SCRAPS by Gertrude Jennings


The servants in Lord Bermondsey’s house in Eaton Square are playing “Scraps”. “Scraps” is a game played thus: The contents of the household wastepaper baskets having been emptied on the table, the player first able to piece together and read to the company a complete letter scoops the shilling pool. On account of a recent burglary committed at the house, the whole staff is in a state of considerable excitement, and the first letter out appears to implicate Albert, the manservant, as the criminial. Albert, it is true, though by no means the culprit, knows all about the burglary, who planned it, and what a domestic calamity it has occasioned. And Albert, being a youth well able to turn such knowledge to his own account, intends to profit more from what he knows than if the actualy proceeds of the burglary had come his way.

A One-Act comedy.

Published by Samuel French in 1928

28 pages

This vintage edition is a little delicate but intact. Some pencil markings throughout.

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