THE SEA-SHELL by Patricia Chown


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THE SEA-SHELL by Patricia Chown


Mrs Carter and her daughter visit their charwoman, Daisy Spriggs, in her squalid tenement home. Among Daisy’s treasures is a shell from Southend. While she holds it, scenes from her past are re-enacted. We see young Daisy spending the day at Southend with Joe Spriggs, who porposed to her there; their homecoming, newly wed, to the tenement; their preparations for the birthday of the seven year-old Freddy, who is run over; Joe’s success in winning ¬£100 in a competition, which sets him up a a window-cleaner; finally their neighbour. Ada, comforting Daisy after Joe’s funeral. Now Daisy has just seen Ada through and illness, and looks forward to spendin Mrs Carter’s gift of money on her sick friend. A one-act play for 6/7

Published by Samuel French

28 pages

Pencil and pen markings throughout, but text fully readable and book intact.

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